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Mini Trampoline Exercises for Beginners

Working out on a mini trampoline is such a rewarding experience. If you’ve been searching for a set of mini trampoline exercises for beginners, you will find several workout routines here. They are all easy to do but yield amazing results.

Bouncing on the trampoline consistently every day can be more than enough to keep you healthy, shed those pounds, and improve your balance. However, it takes a while to see results by just bouncing 10 to 15 minutes a day.

What you actually need are a set of routine to easily follow and a great rebounder like the JumpSport 250. The routines will obviously add variety to keep you from getting bored. Best of all they also speed up the visible proof of the effects that you’ve been yearning for.

Mini Trampoline Exercises for Beginners

If you’re anxious to get to the routines, you can scroll down below and save the images on your device for your reference.

In this section, I’ll make the trampolining experience more meaningful and fun for you by sharing the benefits that you should expect to have. You’ll also learn how to do some easy warm-ups before going hardcore.

Trampoline exercises are really well-suited not just for beginners to rebounding, but for beginners to working out itself. This is because of its low-impact way of doing exercises.

The trampoline lessens the force your joints receive by up to 80%. As your body does not receive most of the impact, it doesn’t wear you out as usual. That is why it also works well for seniors.

Compared to other exercises, bouncing on a trampoline helps with lymphatic drainage. It effectively releases toxins trapped in your body and raises your immune system.

The most basic warm-up for trampoline workouts is fun in itself. Basically, you just have to bounce for 20 to 30 minutes. In addition, this also helps to tone your lower body. The infographic below should give you a quick overview on how it’s done

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Perform this before starting out a workout routine. It gets the blood pumping and the energy level rising. For me, it helps to set the mood of the entire activity that follows.

Rebounder Workout for Beginners

The infographic below is a great way to take trampolining from the basic bounce to a complete workout routine. It targets almost every major parts of the body. The best way to progress is to start doing the next steps only as you get proficient in doing the previous one.

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The bonus move is optional and should be done only when you’re comfortable with it.

The next set is appropriate if you want to target specific parts of your body. Go for these if you want to just tone my arms, abs, or butt. Personally, I’d do the sets on the first infographic and focus the remaining workout on my abs with the exercises shown below.

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Rebounder Exercises for Seniors

There are many gyms which offer trampoline fitness classes for seniors. Most of them are targeted at improving coordination and balance, aside from boosting the immune system. They are actually fun and even seniors who are at their 70s should be able to do it.

The low-impact nature of the routine makes a rebounder very senior-friendly.

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Rebounder Exercises for Weight Loss

If your goal is to lose that excess weight then the following workout routine is best for you. Using a mini trampoline is a good choice since it’s low impact. The more overweight you are, the more force your body will have to absorb with high impact exercises like running.

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The infographic above is a very holistic approach. It’s a combination of both cardio and strength training. Cardio will help in burning those calories. Remember that when you get your heart pumping, your breathing hastens and thus you’re exhaling more. Studies show that fats actually leave the body through exhalation and sweat.

Wrapping It Up

There are certainly others available on the internet, but the routines above are the simplest for beginners. If you want more option, you can actually search on YouTube where there are a plethora of free exercise videos.

It would be best if you save the infographics above so you can easily access them offline later. I know others who have printed, laminated, and hang their favorite one on the wall. These mini trampoline exercises for beginners will help you initiate the momentum of becoming healthier and getting in shape right at your own home.

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This post contain affiliate links for products we recommend. If you click a link and buy something we may receive some compensation. This does not change the price you would pay.